{ Anniversary }

On the 24th of May, 2016, I began a 2-week long trip to France and Belgium studying World War I that formed the foundations of my understanding of grief. Read more

There and Back Again

2010-01-03 16.18.26

Last week, my brother and I made the long-awaited journey to Oxford. After a year of preparing, reading, planning, hoping, praying – the adventure is finished. We went there, and came back again. This is the tale, as best as I can tell it. Read more

Why Oxford?

{ Grief, Observed }

“There must be hope and joy somewhere – I believe God intends those things for us – but I haven’t quite found them yet. Sometimes I think the world has no right to laugh at anything. Read more

A Great Music


{ Many Hues, Endlessly Combined }

I live with four beautiful Sisters. I have no biological sisters, but these adopted ones have taught me much about the manifold hues of Christian friendship. Read more

Life Between the Gardens


{ Green and Growing Things }

I have, in recent weeks, begun really preparing for Oxford, compiling information about everything my brother and I want to experience during our short week abroad. It’s hard to believe our trip is barely over a month away. Read more

Lessons from the Pevensies


{ Yearning for my Youth }

I am starting a new academic semester and therefore another life chapter. As graduation and the “adult world” loom, I daily feel a stronger pang of Lewis’ longing or Joy Read more


This image is a recreation of this postcard from the sisters of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey


{ The Hopes and Fears of All the Years }

Winter came right on time this year here in the Hudson Valley. It’s my favorite place to celebrate the Advent season. Read more

Joyful in Hope


{ Fallen into a Tale }

“But that’s a long tale, of course, and goes on past the happiness and into grief and beyond it… Why, to think of it, we’re in the same tale still! It’s going on. Don’t the great tales never end?”

-Sam Gamgee, The Two Towers

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